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Apple Authorized Training

Yes, we are Mac ready.


Courses Offered in Mac Platform

We provide Apple authorized training and enable results-driven, hands-on learning with our fully-equipped iMac classroom.

Mac (Apple Macintosh) is often called the “the designer computer.” Many designers prefer Mac to PC because of its user-friendliness and brilliant color management capability. In response to market needs and to get in line with industrial trends, we have launched our iMac classroom to provide Mac training on iOS, Mac OS, apps development,  CAD, graphic design and desktop publishing.


The machines in our iMac classroom belong to the latest models with advanced configuration. The hardware ensures smooth operation and high definition imaging, and has no problem in running demanding 3D, graphic design and prepress publishing applications.

We offer also facility rental service. For more information, please browse the Welkin Events homepage.





Custom need required?

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