Diploma in Digital Video (CEF Approved)

CEF Course Code: 28L03581-7
CEF Institution Code: 548

Course Description
Application Procedure

Continuing Education Fund
The course has been included in the list of reimbursable CEF courses

Course Objectives

The introduction and adoption of digital technologies have revolutionized the process of video production. Digital video (DV) has become an important communication medium and is widely used for marketing, instruction, illustration and entertainment purposes. This course starts from basic DV concepts and progressively introduces the knowledge and skills on producing professional digital video for use at work, school or home. It covers also DV editing techniques using Adobe Premiere as the tool.

Course Duration

30 Hours

Course Instructor

Kam To - A sociology graduate, Kam has engaged in TV and video production for over 20 years. He has served both local and overseas TV stations and produced a good number of well-known TV programmes and documentaries. Kam established his own video production house in 1995 serving local and overseas TV stations, government departments and large corporations. His clients in Hong Kong include HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, Hang Lung Properties Ltd, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Hospital Authorities, and others.

Course Prerequisites

Applicants should be computer-literate with a sound working knowledge of the Windows operating systems. Course participants are expected to use their own DV cameras for shooting practice during the course.

Course Content

The programme consists of the following four modules:

I.    Digital video basics

II.   Digital video shooting

III.  Digital video shooting ¡V practical session

IV.   Digital video editing



Module I: Digital Video Basics
  • Digital vs. analog
  • Digital formats
  • Digital equipment
  • Computer hardware and software
Module II: Digital Video Shooting
  • Introduction to camera language: long shot , medium shot & close¡Vup shot applications
  • DV camera operations: white balance , shutter speed, exposure, focus
  • Point of view angle
  • Various shooting methods and techniques: MTV, drama and documentary
  • The secrets to produce professional videos with DV cameras
Module III: Digital Video Shooting ¡V Practical Session
Module IV: Digital Video Editing
  • Basic editing techniques
  • Working with Timeline
  • Film effects
  • Audio effects
  • Special effects, transitions and titling

Title of Award and Assessment Methods

Each module includes a practical project; all projects will be assessed according to aesthetic value, creativity, functionality and technical skills. On completion of the assessed modules, the students will be able to construct a portfolio based on their project work. The course Diploma will be awarded to the students who pass in all project assessments and produce a satisfactory portfolio.

Course Fee

$5,800 ($1,160 for eligible applicants after maximum 80% course fee reimbursement from CEF upon successful completion of the course)

Course Delivery Language

The course is taught in Cantonese. Course material is in Chinese.


Evening or Saturday daytime classes, 6 hours per week, course fee in 2 instalments
Course Title Duration Fee Outline/Schedules/Enrol
Diploma in Digital Video (CEF Approved) 30 hours $2900 Outline Schedules/Enrol
$2900 x 2 monthly instalments (total $5800, $1160 after 80% CEF reimbursement), 30 hours in 10 sessions, 2 sessions per week

Daytime classes, 2 days per week, course fee in one instalment
Course Title Duration Fee Outline/Schedules/Enrol

Application Procedure

  1. Proceed with on-line registration or send the completed enrolment form (download) to us together with a cheque (made payable to Welkin Compuer Training) for the program fee.

  2. CEF applicants have to complete the CEF Application Form (download) and send it to us for certification. They will then send the form to the Office of the Continuing Education Fund, Room 916, 9/F, Kwai Hing Government Offices, 166-174 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories, together with a photocopy of their HKID Card before course commencement.

  3. Applicants will receive application results from the Office of the CEF within 14 working days.


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