Spreadsheet Modeling in Corporate Finance (CEF Approved)

CEF Course Code: 23C02275-1
CEF Institution Code: 548

Hands-on computer skills training for finance and business professionals!

Course Description
Application Procedure

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Course Objective

Spreadsheet is the most widely used tools in performing financial analysis and yet many finance professionals are not trained in using spreadsheets effectively and hence not being able to perform sensitivity analysis, feasibility studies and other common financial analysis.

The course provides students with relevant skills and techniques in performing financial analysis and is a practical hands-on program to complement theories learned at Universities and Business Schools .

Note that this course does NOT teach Excel VBA programming, but how to build spreadsheet models using Microsoft Excel features and functions.

Course Duration

30 Hours

Course Prerequisites

Applicants should be computer-literate with a sound working knowledge of the Windows operating systems and Microsoft Excel.

Course Content

The 30-hour course consists of the following 5 modules. Microsoft Excel 2010 will be used during hands-on practice.

  • Using Formulas and Analytical tools
    • Using Formula and Functions
    • Using Pivot Table for data analysis
  • Time Value of Money
    • Present Value
    • Future Value
    • Annuity
  • Asset Valuation
    • Bond Valuation
    • Stock Valuation
    • Yield Curve
  • Capital Budgeting
    • Project NPV
    • Cost-Reducing Project
    • Break-even Analysis
    • Three Valuation Methods
  • Financial Planning
    • Corporate Financial Planning
    • Du Pont System of Ration Analysis
    • Life-Cycle Financial Planning

Title of Award and Assessment Methods

Each module includes practicing exercises. Two projects will be assessed according to correct analysis and presentation using spreadsheets. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Achievement on Spreadsheet Modeling in Corporate Finance.

Course Fee

$6,300 ($1,260 for eligible applicants after maximum 80% course fee reimbursement from CEF upon successful completion of the course)

Course Delivery Language

The course is taught in Cantonese. Course material is in English.


Evening or Saturday full-day classes, 6 hours per week, course fee in 2 instalments
Course Title Duration Fee Outline/Schedules/Enrol
Spreadsheet Modeling in Corporate Finance (CEF Approved) 30 hours $3150 Outline Schedules/Enrol
$3150 x 2 monthly instalments (total $6300, $1260 after 80% CEF reimbursement), 30 hours in 10 sessions, 2 sessions per week

Application Procedure

  1. Proceed with on-line registration or send the completed enrolment form (download) to us together with a cheque (made payable to Welkin Compuer Training) for the program fee.

  2. CEF applicants have to complete the CEF Application Form (download) and send it to us for certification. They will then send the form to the Office of the Continuing Education Fund, Room 916, 9/F, Kwai Hing Government Offices, 166-174 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories, together with a photocopy of their HKID Card before course commencement.

  3. Applicants will receive application results from the Office of the CEF within 14 working days.


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