Powerful Queries Using Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is now the most popular Windows database program. A major reason for its success is its revolutionary query interface. Once data is collected in a database, analysis and updates need to be performed. Queries offer the ability to retrieve and filter data, calculate summaries (totals), and update, move and delete records in bulk. Mastering Microsoft
Access queries will improve your ability to manage and understand your data
and simplify application development.

The visual representation of tables and the graphical links between them makes Microsoft Access queries extremely easy to use. Fortunately, the nice user interface also allows very powerful and advanced analysis. The entire query engine is modeled on SQL systems and allows switching between the graphical query design and SQL syntax. Many Microsoft Access
users and developers learned SQL from this feature.

Course Duration: 6 hours

Course Price: $1,200

Course Title Duration Fee Outline/Schedules/Enrol
Powerful Queries Using Microsoft Access 2010/2007 6 hours $1380 Outline Schedules/Enrol


* Creating a Basic Query
* Building Criteria Expressions
* Working with Multiple-Table Queries
* Creating Advanced Queries
* Creating PivotTable Queries
* Querying with SQL Statements

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