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Project Description

Welkin Course Code: CACM

Course Features

  • Do you know in AutoCAD 2017 you can directly convert a pdf file into an AutoCAD drawing file, without having to manually trace the pdf drawing to get the linework?
  • Do you know by using Sheet Set Manager, you can create a well organized sheet set that greatly reduces your time in tedious file management?
  • Do you know you can use the AutoCAD Live Maps function to have your drawing shown directly on a map of the real world?
  • Do you know AutoCAD and Microsoft Excel can work together to maximize work efficiency in creating schedules and tables?
  • Do you know the latest AutoCAD application enables you to collaborate AutoCAD files from different cloud platforms, and how the cloud platform improves work efficiency than traditional offline methods?
  • You will learn all of these and a lot more in the AutoCAD Master Class.

Learn from the Experts

Get Professional Recognition

Certify your AutoCAD skills with Autodesk AutoCAD Professional certification. The certification is not a requirement for course completion but we highly recommend you to get your skills professionally recognized.

Remark: The course fee does not include the certification exam.

Further Study

After completing this course you may further develop your knowledge and skills with the course Certificate in BIM Design with Autodesk Revit.

Course Fee

$1280 (Regular $2800)

Course Duration

12 Hours

Course Prerequisites

Course participants should have some a basic knowledge of AutoCAD.

Title of Award

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate of achievement.

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Autodesk AutoCAD is unquestionably a most important tool in the fields of architecture, engineering, manufacturing, and construction. Over the years, Autodesk has kept improving AutoCAD with new functions and features to meet industry needs. If you are still using AutoCAD in an old-fashioned or traditional way today, you may well be just wasting a lot of your time and have not benefited yourself from the efficiency and functionality that the new AutoCAD features offer.

This AutoCAD Master Course is specially designed for anyone who has been an AutoCAD user but want to update their knowledge and advance their skills within a short period of time in order to work more effectively and stay competitive on the market.

  1. External Reference, Tracing external image, Annotative Scale

    • Layer Properties and Layer Group Filter
    • Setup External Reference
    • Create External Reference Hierarchy
    • Manage External Reference
    • New pdf Insert Functions (2017)
    • Accurately to trace inserted pdf/image with correct scale
    • Using Annotative Scale for Text, Dimension, Multileader Annotation
  2. Advanced Plotting
    • Plot Using Layout Mode
    • Create Custom-made Titleblock
    • Customize Paper Margin
    • Create Attributes
    • Plot Using Model Mode
    • Retrace pdf originally generated from AutoCAD
    • Using Batch Plot
  3. Lesson 3: Sheet Set Manager, Transferring Project Setup, Auditing Project Standard, Collecting & Exchanging data in AutoCAD

    • Sheet Set Manager
    • Export/Import Dimstyle
    • Export/Import Layer Setup
    • Using Drawing Standard File to Audit DWG File Project Setup
    • Using Field, Table in AutoCAD and Exchanging Data with Microsoft Excel
  1. Lesson 4: Miscellaneous & New Features in AutoCAD

    • Introducing and using of DWF Format for Documentation and Review
    • Mark Up Manager
    • AutoCAD 360
    • Autodesk A360
    • Design Feed (Cloud Communication)
    • Share Design View
    • Live Map
    • Print Studio (2017)
    • Connect with Naviswork and Bim360 Glue
    • Express Tools
  1. Proceed with on-line registration or send the completed enrolment form (download) to us together with a cheque (made payable to Welkin Compuer Training) for the program fee.
  2. CEF applicants have to complete the CEF Application Form (download) and send it to us for certification. They will then send the form to the Office of the Continuing Education Fund, Room 916, 9/F, Kwai Hing Government Offices, 166-174 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories, together with a photocopy of their HKID Card before course commencement.
  3. Applicants will receive application results from the Office of the CEF within 14 working days.